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Catering To Your Car's Specific Needs

  • A full washing of the vehicle's exterior and undercarriage with our hot water pressure washer

  • Brake dust removal and tire shine application

  • A full-vehicle buff job

  • Road tar removal

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Revolutionary Exterior Services

We don't just spruce your car up a bit and send it back. At Greenwood Auto Detail of Bowling Green, KY, we take true pride in our work, paying attention to every single detail in order to ensure that we've done the best job humanly possible. We start by hand washing your car, hitting the fender wells, door jambs, frame rails, engine and floor mats with our hot water pressure washer. Then, we buff the entire vehicle from top to bottom with a high-speed buffer and wool pad with compound, removing oxidation and ground-in dirt that you simply can't get out with a simple hand wash. After this, we apply a special micro-polish, bringing the car to a mirror finish before we hand wax the vehicle.

Providing you with quality results


State-of-the-art equipment

  • Paint transfer removal

  • Micro-polish application

  • Hand waxing

  • Bug removal on exterior detail